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Testimonials of OurStudents

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Barbara Rudnik


I joined Aniaâ€'s and Wojtekâ€'s art school about three years ago and I can with no doubt admit that they are the most amazing teachers I have ever worked with.

They gave me a completely new perspective on art and over the years helped me figure out what I want to study.


I believe that what makes their school so amazing is the atmosphere in the studio and their positive approach towards each and every student. What I also absolutely love about them is the fact they never made me feel like there were just my teachers.


To me they were always more like friends who always supported me whilst providing me with vital knowledge and  giving me the ability to develop various art skills.

 Throughout the years I went over several different ideas of what I wanted to study and they were nothing but patient and encouraging. Even after I finished my portfolio I kept attending their classes as I  just simply enjoyed them so much.

I strongly believe that working with them was one of the main factors influencing where I am today and I am grateful from the bottom of my hearth that I had the opportunity to come across such incredible people like them.

Text avilable in Polish language version

Text avilable in Polish language version



Honestly when it comes to ArtPortfolio, I don’t know where to begin. My experience with these coolest-on-earth art classes begun in October 2019, when I realised that I needed real help with deadlines and especially with the portfolios for universities. I applied for Architecture and I dreamed about getting to the UCL. Wojtek and Ania were the only ones who could give provide me with so many details about each particular university, its priorities, atmosphere, acceptance rates, knowledge and experience that one might gain there and other answers to the FAQs appearing every now and then in my head. These guys really know what they’re doing. 

Before ArtPortfolio I also attended other art courses that Warsaw had to offer and, besides that, The Bartlett Summer School provided by the UCL for anyone who might want to join their community in the future or simply get the hang of architecture at a uni. While other drawing and art classes started to appear boring to me after a while of redrawing the same thing for the 12th time, Ania and Wojtek came up with an approach that always kept my mind busy (which is kind of difficult)

When I first appeared at their place with some of my drawings for Wojtek to have a look at I literally cried. I was a weird but funny moment when, if I remember well, Wojtek said something like: “Oh my God why are you crying, its not that all of your drawings are bad. I really like the drawings of your from the Summer School and there is plenty of potential. Don’t worry, work with us you’ll get a better hang of it.” Then I said through my tears: “It’s okay. I’m only crying because I have found someone who understands.”

Throughout the course I managed to do a lot of new, cool things that I would never even think of. We did etching, drawing, painting, trying out various media, focusing on reinterpreting other artists and artistic notions, trying out collages or seeing still art the way nobody else can. Even though this seems like normal art classes nothing can replace the atmosphere, professionalism and experience and Ania ans Wojtek create. Ania is always there to give you another homework (yes you get homework, take it seriously) make coffee, chat about recent events in your life and improve your organisational skills the way your parents never would. Wojtek, on the other hand, is always there to tell you to get back to work from the smoke break, suggest when you are going in the wrong direction with your work or even help you ‘destroy it’ (as one of us, students may say) a bit. After a while I have learned that sometimes you need to destroy one thing to create another. They make up a duo which presents itself with undoubtable experience and will surely help you open up your mind. This amazing adventure has been going on until the Covid outbreak which forced all of us to have a break, but Ania and Wojtek don’t give up and arrange online classes, too. 

Even though I have been attending ArtPortfolio classes for only a few months it feels like home anytime I come. Wojtek once told me that once you come for help with university application the acceptance rate they guarantee is 300%. And actually I received an offer from every school that I applied to meaning UAL, UCL and AA apart from Cambridge University but this one is not even worth our attention here. I have learned so much that it feels as if I was entering another world anytime I engage in any type of artistic work. I also got to know myself a bit better and expanded my capabilities of expressing myself, or simply want I want to express, through work. I learned that art is not as official as we sometimes take it because of external factors that bend our imagination in the wrong direction or even limit it. I am not afraid to try out new methods, techniques and topics. All of it lets me to be a bit child-like with myself thus allowing the brightest and richest development possible.

Maria Badowska

I have commenced lessons over eight years ago, thus spent a significant majority of my life learning at ARP. Throughout this time, I grew both artistically and as a person. By offering exceptional guidance, introducing me to so many different areas of art and always approaching each student personally, Wojtek and Ania have set an unbeatable example, one I still look up to while in university. Thanks to their help, I was able to confidently apply for my desired course and have received offers from all 5 schools, all highly ranked in the UK and worldwide. The studio has always provided amazing artistic possibilities but more importantly, served as a safe and encouraging space for all kinds of expression while both Wojtek and Ania have quickly become much more than just teachers. 

Aleksandra Jankowska

I joined ARP in my junior year of high school with limited knowledge and skill in art, knowing only that I wanted to study something in relation to design. With the help of Wojtek and Ania, I applied and got into Goldsmiths and UAL (UK) and Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, NYU - Tisch, Northeastern University, most of these being considered the elite in art institutions. ARP has developed my artistic abilities in an amazing atmosphere and has given me the chance to attend my dream school in the states (Parsons.)

Wiktoria Krukowska

Working with Ania and Wojtek was an unforgettable experience of art practice in a  great atmosphere. Spending time in their studio was more than just learning and improving my skills. It was a great life lesson that contributed to my passion for art and education. The art work I was able to produce there was very high level and many art colleges around the world such as University of Arts London, Bartlett UCL and Oxford Brookes were positively impressed by it. Ania and Wojtek’s experience enabled me to get admitted to my dream course (BA Product Design, Central Saint Martins) and as well as it helped me to narrow down my pathway within art practice. I would surely recommend them to anyone who sees themselves working in the industry as well as to people who simply want to improve their skills.

Vincent Python

Our son Vincent expressed the strong wish, two years before the end of his High School education, to pursue Fine Art studies. It was clear that the education conditions provided at his school were not sufficient to prepare him to submit applications and send a portfolio for a higher education. Therefore we decided to ask ARP School of Art for professional support with the objective to prepare Vincent to reach his goal.

   Vincent attended art workshops for approximately 3 hours per week from November 2014 until April 2016. These workshops introduced him to various technics. Thanks to the intense work program and professional advises offered, Vincent acquired an impressive level of competences. He eventually succeeded to prepare a high quality and diversified portfolio.

   Following technics have been worked: drawing of portrait and still life with charcoal, ink, pencil, waterbased colours, graphic colours and sepia drawing, product design drawing, printmaking, 3D media, mixed media, collograph printing, sculpture, plaster to name a few.

   The periodic sending of reports on what has been done during the courses allowed us to follow Vincent’s development and evolution over the months.

   While the expectations initially seemed extremely challenging, Wojtek and Ania succeeded thanks to tremendous dedication and enthusiasm. Not only Vincent’s portfolio was accepted in all five universities he applied, but what was at first his strong wish has eventually matured in a passion.


 Many thanks for your dedication and admirable work ethic.


 With gratitude,

 Roland and Marie-Claire Python

Anna Maria Drozd

I have been attending weekly art lessons at ARP for over 5 years. 

Ania and Wojtek are exceptionally skilled and kind teachers who make their studio feel like home, especially at the time of creating portfolios and compiling applications when you work in their studio on a daily basis. No doubt their expertise and years of teaching me fine art and their own unique techniques and media have played a large role in my acceptance to all my first choice schools: Pratt Institute, RISD, Parsons (with a $55,000 scholarship), UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis. Apart from helping me work on my technical skills, Ania and Wojtek gave me lots of room for freedom of expression in my work, as well as continued to challenged my subject matter, which certainly allowed my passion for art to grow throughout the years. I wish them and their art school all the best and I will keep coming by to say hello long after I start my studies abroad!

Julia Maliczowska

I came to Ania and Wojtek around 6 years ago and I can honestly say that without them I wouldn't be in the place I am now. They helped me to explore and improve (a lot) my drawing, painting and sculpture skills but they also introduced me to new techniques like woodcut or press printing. They helped me to build up my portfolio and more importantly, Wojtek encouraged me always to make 'hands on projects' and not only sketches, but to also build my designs. It was one of the most important moments once I discovered how much I enjoy making things and thanks to that I got into Design Academy Eindhoven which is the 3rd university for design in the current rankings. Apart from all the skills I have learned I really love them as people, because of the; amazing, funny and hardworking moments in the studio they offered me. Although before I did my application I was spending lots of hours there, I was always coming there with joy because they were always making me feel like at home. Thank you very much for those years.

Julia Janki

Wojtek is the most motivating and inspiring art teacher. He has laid the foundation for me as an art maker, in aspects of drawing, painting and 3D modeling. I had the opportunity to experiment with traditional and new techniques of drawing, printmaking,  sculpture using extensive mediums such As pencil, plaster, casting methods et. cetra. Most of all Wojtek and Anias workshop gave me the possibility to build and pursue studio practice and peruse and develop my personal interest in oil painting. I got to places I never thought I could reach because of his guidance. He is a great teacher for those looking to learn art and design as well as expression through visual critical decision making.  Wojtek Inspired me to continue my dream on becoming an artist and making art.

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