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Who we are ?

By education I am an Anthropologist of Culture. Many years ago, though I chose a career of an artist and  educator. In 1995 together with my husband Wojtek I have founded an ARP School of Art that is running consistently being slightly modified and refined through the years. All the positive changes of our school are based on long time experience and cumulated knowledge on subject matter. I am always eager to work with my students sharing my experience with them.  



I am an artist: painter, master printmaker, sculptor. Apart from my creative career I gained a lot of experience in international art education being a Visiting Professor, Leader of Printmaking Education Workshop over the years. It gave me an impulse to establish, together with my wife Ania, an art school that allows me to do an art education based on my own methods and experiences. Those methods and their effectiveness are proven year after year by the unquestionable success of our students that bring us joy and pride.



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