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 Summer Camps

         Summer Camp is for:

  • students applying for the art related universities in the following school year 

  • accepted by the universities and preparing to their individual studies

What will you  learn during Summer Camp?

     Summer Camp offers:

  • Working on large variety of media and techniques ranging from fine art media through sculpture, architectural projects and many others

  • During the camp we consider actual need of content of your Artistic Portfolio and profile a course carefully to answer exact demand of each individual student

  • Our Summer camps are allowing for conducting longer projects that are consuming extended period of time and they are hardly doable during regular school year.

  • Consistent working progresses happens usually much faster during usual 10 / 12 hours working days

  • Amount of work created during our camp supplies essentially Artistic Portfolio of those who started working on it relatively late and as well enriches content of  portfolio of those students who have started their preparations early enough

  • Each year end of a camp is highlighted by the closing exhibition and opening for families and friends of students and our school

 What other important aspects

 we undertake? 

  • During the workshop we widely discuss art and motives of creative acts as well as modern directions of artistic creation

  • We pronounce strongly a need of expressing yourself through various artistic media, participating in the modern society requires using modern technology

  • We believe that understanding of its foundation concerning also artistic creation enables our students to better understand cause and effect relations

  • Universal language of the art has a unique qualities while applied on the certain cultural level

  • Effectiveness and indispensable character of communication means based on it as well as creative skills gained during the course  are broadly passing onto all other disciplines of life; from the psychological standpoint they deliver self-realization and self-confidence

  • Due to slowly ending University application period it is the time when crucial decisions have to be made.


  • It concerns both, those lucky ones, accepted by the Universities, that need to continue their artistic development and prepare to their individual University studies as well as for those who are on the path of preparing for the future applications to the best world’s Art Universities.


  • As every year we  offer to all those students partaking in our annual extensive              Summer Camp / Workshops, during which we will focus on the developing of student’s individual skills as well as concentrating on material obligatory for their  future Artistic Portfolio, which is a part of the University application.

  • When and where?

  • This year Workshops start on Tuesday June 12 through June 21 

  • second term June 26 through July 05 2021 held in Konstancin Studio.

  • Due to coronavirus and social distancing number of participants is limmited.


  • It is 10 days of intensive artistic work between 10:00 - 19:00. During this working day we offer lunch provided by the external caterer as well as evening treat.

  • Cost of Summer Camp:  5500PLN 


  • Price  covers also all the artistic materials and tools necessary for creating in  variety  of   artistic media and techniques. We will also provide personal  Sketchbook.

  • Please enroll  l as soon as possible since number of places is limited!


  • All interested once will be provided with detailed program of the activities.

  • To enroll you have to contact us In order of receiving “Camp Registration Agreement” and follow with transfer of  100%of the due amount = 5500PLN guarantying participation in the  Camp. This payment is not returnable in case you would resign from participating.

  • Total balance for participation is due to June 23rd 2020.

  • If other arrangements are needed please contact us.

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