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Inter-connected course

This is ongoing course  that you can join at any point.

We recommend to join it prior to exploring any other media and technique.

  Gallery of our student's artwork

Fine Art Course

Who is this course for  ?

  • This course is for high school students and high school graduates planning to attend universities that require artistic skills as well as atistic portfolio in the process of university application. 


         This course is tailored for those who :

  • want to acquire high level in in artistic and technical development in terms of media and techniques demanded  by process of creating an artistic portfolio, necessary to university application process 

  • Fine Art Course gives a student all the necessary knowledge and skills required to being able to create an Artistic Portfolio as well as prepares students to an independent work during their future studies 



What will you learn ?

        During this course you will learn

        media and techniques

        necessary to broad artistic

        development in a range of:

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Sculpture

  • Printmaking 

         ( Intaglio +block printing )

  • Graphic design

  • Architecture

  • Mural techniques

  • Free Media

  • Collage



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