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  Our School

  •  Operating for nearly 30 years

  • During this period, based on our experience as well as long term achievements, we have improved and rafined our knowledge and methods concerning creative and personal development of the students.


  • ​ 100 % of our alumni are achieving success of being accepted by the best world's universities.

  • Our professional knowledge allows us heping our students to put a strong foundation to their personal developement leading to obtaining the highest standards in their professional career.


 Our Mission

  • Creating foundation for the developement of the individual  student

  • Based on our experience and knowledge we are striving to achieve trigering passion and drive toward art and culture as the key to the professinal career of an individual student

  • In a complex , comprehensive way,  we prepare our student to an individual and independent work for the maximum of the benefits  during their future studies


  Our Vision

  • Our strongest desire  is to  create the situation, state of mind of a student througout which a young man, thanks to contact with a complex knowledge, hence an offered by us education and methodology, unnoticingly  passes from the  state of a consumer  into position of a creator of  the reality in all the aspects of an art  creation.

  • We also strongly believe that partnership with our students brings their unlimited creativity .

  We are Certified British Council Education Agents  

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