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What do you have to learn ?

         Architectural design is a very 

         complex process demanding multtiple

         skills such as:

  • Specific knowledge, broad spectrum of immagination as well as spatial reasoning and 3D  immagination 

  • In order to convey your architectural concept as well as to present it in visual form you are required to be skilled in exquisit observational drawing as well as being able to be fluent in all necessary aspects of perspective drawing

  • Undeniable  fluency in operating  a computer software allowing to  present  a project as well as to design a physical model based on your own design is  also required.

What skills will you learn ?  

        Skills necessary for the preparation to

        an architectural design career :


  • Excelent observational hand drawing 

  • Excelent architectural drawing

  • Perspective drawing

  • Constructing 3D architectural models

  • Creating complete documentation of a project

Inter-connected courses

Gallery of our students' artwork

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