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What will you learn ?

What is the goal of creating an Artistic Portfolio ?

Artistic Portfolio Course

        Creating an Artistic Portfolio you

         will learn:

  • conscious creating of a content of your personal artisic portfolio

  • creating documentation of your activity, that will also help during your further studies

  • methodical creating of an artistic portfolio content

  • conducting research processes


  • Artisic Portfolio is an essential part of  the university aplication

  • ​creating an Artistic  Portfolio is a very complex process which is why we strongly recommend to begin preparing it as early as students possibly could

  • our course enables students to create a physical portfolio and to consider it content, profiling it preciselly toward requirements speciffied by the selected universities 

  • students  learn how to structure the material of the Artistic Portfolio as well as  learn media and techniques unexplored earlier, accordingly to speciffic demands

  • this course is also undeniably necessary as a preparation for the actual future studies

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